What terms can I apply to enter the non-degree program?
The Non-degree program accepts applications for the Fall and Spring semesters. Applications for Fall close August 1st. Applications for Spring close November 1st.

When can I apply to switch into the MS program?
If you are a Non-degree student and would like to join the MS program, you must complete the MS program application. The MS program is only available for Fall semester entry. There is no entry into the MS program during the Spring term. If you join the Non-degree program in the Fall and want to apply for the MS program, you must wait until the following Fall application opens to apply.

What classes can I take as a non-degree student?
Non-degree students are able to take the same classes as MS students. However, MS students will receive first preference for core data science courses. Space in core data science courses for Non-degree students is not guaranteed and dependent upon seats available in the course.