Where can I find the PhD in Data Science curriculum?
PhD Curriculum

Where can I find the academic integrity policy?
NYU’s academic integrity policy can be found at https://www.nyu.edu/about/policies-guidelines-compliance/policies-and-guidelines/academic-integrity-for-students-at-nyu.html. NYU’s Statement on Academic Integrity is also posted at http://guides.nyu.edu/c.php?g=276562&p=1844738.

GSAS’ academic integrity policy can be found at http://gsas.nyu.edu/page/academic.integrity.

What should I do if I have questions about the academic integrity policy?
If you have questions about the academic integrity policy, please reach out to faculty and/or the CDS Manager of Academic Affairs (Kathryn Angeles, kangeles@nyu.edu).

What citation and data management resources are available to me as a Data Science student?
There are several resources that you can reach out to if you have questions about citation and data management.

What can I expect regarding work load?
Students should plan on spending 10 – 15 hours per week per data science course, assuming they have all the prerequisites. The data science courses are graduate level courses which go extremely quickly and it is difficult to catch up if you fall behind. Use your resources and ask questions!

Is there a minimum GPA for the program?
Yes, each semester, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must successfully complete 66% of credits attempted.

What is the process for waiving required PhD in Data Science courses?
To request a waiver for a required course, please email the information below to Kathryn Angeles at kangeles@nyu.edu:

  • Course you would like to waive
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Transcripts (Must be translated)
    • The course(s) that you will be using to waive the required course should be highlighted. The grade(s) you received in the course(s) should be highlighted as well.
  • Syllabi of the course(s) that you will be using to waive the required course (Must be translated)
  • If available, course website

Can I transfer credits?
Please email Kathryn Angeles at kangeles@nyu.edu for more information on transferring credits.

Where can I find important registration dates (add/drop deadline, late registration start, etc.)?
The academic calendar will have this information, which you can find at this link.

I’m having trouble with Albert and registration. What should I do?
Registration help guides can be found at this link. There are guides on add/drop, the swap function, and other important registration steps.

I want to register for a non-Data Science course? What should I do?
Email Kathryn Angeles (kangeles@nyu.edu) the course information. She will let you know what the registration process is for that particular department or school.

Where can I find a list of approved electives for the PhD program?
See PhD Curriculum for information on electives for the PhD program.

I will be ready to graduate at the end of this semester. What should I do?
You will need to apply for graduation during the graduation application period. For information on how to apply and the deadlines, visit this page.

If you have other questions for this page, please email Kathryn Angeles at kangeles@nyu.edu.