October 6, 2016

American Express Comes To CDS

On Friday, Vice President of Machine Learning and Data Solutions at American Express (and NYU alum!), Alexander Statnikov, introduced our students to data science career options in the financial sector.

Although banks and financial services are developing better ways to process transactions, they remain vulnerable to fraud. But by harnessing the power of machine learning and big data, American Express can secure financial safety for their clients. A major part of this process involves crafting complex algorithms to analyze financial data, record purchase patterns, and verify addresses—all within the millisecond of a credit card swipe.

Constructing the muscular algorithms and models that keep their clients safe, however, involves rigorous teamwork across all departments at American Express—explaining why the company prizes collaborative work as much as technical skills. As Statnikov explained, while functional technical skills are vital, it is how well one can work with others that determines long-term success. With over 52,000 employees across the world, positive interpersonal interactions and technical proficiency are both crucial to the company’s corporate culture.

by Cherrie Kwok