September 26, 2016

IBM Comes to CDS


Last Friday, IBM came to the Center for Data Science to chat with our students about some of the data science career opportunities that are available at IBM.

With a significant presence in 18 industries across 170 countries, IBM is the world’s premier technology consultancy, offering insight into the research, manufacturing, communications, and marketing sectors. Since its conception in 1911, IBM employees have won Nobel Prizes, Turing Awards, and numerous National Medals in Technology and Science.

Historically, IBM’s success has centered around the use of technology to change and improve human interactions, such as relationships between doctors and patients. And IBM’s approach to data science takes a similar course. For example, by using data analytics to better understand correlations between healthcare treatments and patient outcomes, cancer diagnostics can be rendered and given more quickly.

In their chat with CDS, IBM stressed that they look to hire applicants that are not only technologically adept but also “active listeners first.” Data analytics serve as a window into the human interactions that are becoming increasingly dependent upon technology. And IBM employees are uniquely positioned to study, analyze, and facilitate the human interactions that are at the core of industries such as medicine, communications, and education.

by Cherrie Kwok