Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment Call For Data Science Projects

Under the umbrella of the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment Software Working Group (SWG), the NYU Center for Data Science (CDS) will launch its new Data Science Incubator program Summer 2015. The program aims to connect domain scientists across fields with data scientists and software engineers at CDS to solve data-driven research problems.

We invite proposals (2 pages maximum) for a term-long exploratory data-intensive science projects requiring collaboration in all areas of data science, involving exploration, data management, visualization, statistics and machine learning.

Each project proposal should clearly identify at least one domain expert that will be an active collaborator. The active collaborator must commit to spending two days a week at the CDS over the course of the term. During these two days, the collaborator will work together with a data scientist from CDS to advance the project goals. A senior research engineer will be assigned to each selected project to provide overall guidance.

The active collaborator will be in charge of the project and responsible for its successful completion, while the SWG will provide time and expertise in developing software and data-driven algorithms, including best practices for handling noisy real-world data, proper application of machine learning and statistical methods, evaluation of results, and guidance in general software engineering.

There is no restriction on the domain of study. The only requirement for projects is that they need to have data “in hand”, and a research question related to this data. In reviewing the proposals, we will look for high-risk, high-reward projects in areas of science that are traditionally less data driven, or where the adoption of computational methods could be improved substantially. We also hope to establish more data- and  software-driven approaches that can continue beyond the scope of the incubator and that can be potentially extended and applied to other problems and disciplines.

Applicants should send their proposal to We are continuously accepting proposals, feedback will be given within three weeks.

 Example projects at the University of Washington Moore-Sloan Data Science Initiative Incubator can be found here: