• Claudio Silva

    Interim Director of Center for Data Science; Professor of Computer Science and Engineering; Professor of Data Science
    Data Science, Urban Computing, and Sports Analytics; Visualization and graphics; Geometry processing
  • Juliana Freire

    Director of Graduate Studies- M.S. in Data Science Program; Professor of Computer Science & Engineering and Data Science
    Large-scale information integration; Information visualization and visual analytics; Provenance management;  Big data management and analysis
  • Arthur Spirling

    Interim Deputy Director of Center for Data Science; Associate Professor of Politics and Data Science
    Research centers on quantitative methods for analyzing political behavior, and he is particularly interested in institutional development and the use of text-as-data.
  • Kathryn Angeles

    Manager of Academic Affairs, Center for Data Science
    212 998 3367
  • Loraine Nascimento

    Program Administrator, Center for Data Science
    212 998 3401
  • Andres Borray

    Program Manager, Research Strategies and Outreach