Data Science is revolutionizing the way organizations run their businesses, and more generally, the nature of inquiry across business and society. The speed and scale at which data is being created is staggering, requiring the capability to properly interpret and analyze large data sets.

The NYU Center for Data Science is a focal point for New York University’s university-wide initiative in data science and statistics. The Center was established to advance NYU’s goal of creating the country’s leading data science training and research facilities, and arming researchers and professionals with tools to harness the power of big data. The center draws faculty from across disciplines and across the university. Indeed, in some fields, such researchers may find that their work fits more naturally at the Center for Data Science than their original reference discipline.

The Center’s faculty members and scientists are established experts in the field of data science from across the university. Their research interests include mathematical statistics, computational statistics and machine learning, optimization and large-scale computation, system design for large-scale data science, data visualization and several application areas, such as computational biology, computational economics, or quantitative methods in social science.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of data science and the centrality of real-world data in research, the Center will collaborate with a limited number of “partners” (in industry and academia) and has initiated a partnership program with a select group of corporations, non-profits, and government entities. CDS is currently expanding the set of partners and formalizing membership in exchange for the benefits of partnering with CDS. partners will have access to a large well-trained cohort of Data Scientists and to events at CDS.

We would like to invite you to join the Partners Program and help us achieve those goals together.  We strive to continually improve this program and welcome your ideas for making this program meet your needs.


Membership Fee


Membership in the Partners Program involves a standard annual fee. Please contact our Program Manager for Outreach, Andres Borray ( for program details.




Research Collaboration and Recruitment Pipeline
Facilitation by CDS staff to identify and recruit highly-qualified students for internships and permanent positions that fulfill Partners’ needs. An annual Open House/ Recruitment Day (typically in late October) in which NYU CDS facilities are provided for interviewing CDS students. Up to four (4) representatives from each Partner organization can attend free of charge. We will work closely with each of our Partners to ensure that they have ample opportunity to spend one-on-one time with our students. Our students have an employment rate of 100% and are some of the most sought-after data scientists in the country and the world.

Resume Books
Partners will receive access to curated resume books targeting specific areas that address potential needs Partners. We go to great lengths to determine our student’s interests and talents to maximise fit, career development and potential for innovation.

Capstone Project and Internships
Every Fall semester Partners will be invited for capstone project presentations where graduating students collaborate with a corporate partner to solve real-world problems posed by partners. Additionally, projects from partners will receive priority and we will help market these opportunities to our students. Partners can submit proposals for capstone projects for Masters students.  Please follow this link to see the project proposal template .

Community Events
Up to two (2) Partner representatives will be invited to seminars, conferences, bag lunches, and retreats that are hosted by the CDS. Partners will have custom hosted visits to the Center for Data Science for discussion of research topics and hosted speaker series along with networking events with our world-class researchers.

If you are interested in joining the Center for Data Science Partners Program, please contact for more details. We look forward to collaborating with you!